Okanui - Escaping the Everyday

Okanui - Escaping the Everyday
A Little Bit About Okanui
Blogged by: Okanui 02 Nov 2023

For over 45 years Okanui has remained a family owned business with a core focus on producing high-quality, fun and comfortable clothing. Whether you’re at the beach, on the boat, or at the bar, your Okanui heritage piece is designed to improve with wear to become a faithful favourite, helping you Escape the Everyday.

Founded in 1978 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches Okanui was made for people with a passion for coastal living and escaping the everyday.

Okanui’s brand ethos is Escaping the Everyday. We have a passion for breaking away from routine and mundane aspects of daily life to seek adventure, new experiences, embrace spontaneity, and find joy in the unexpected. We create products that inspire people to step out of their comfort zones, discover new things, and live a more fulfilling life. Shop all the latest Okanui styles online or at our new store right here at Pacific Fair!


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