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Blogged by: Rodd & Gunn 14 Mar 2023
AW23’ Seasonal Overview – Journey to Paradise
We’re leaving the restless energy of Summer behind - the oppressive heat, the weekends rammed with endless social obligations, the packed beaches, tourists in tents jostling up against each other.
Finally, we can take a breath. Inhale the scent of a new season. Reset. Make room for spontaneity, adventure. Plan an escape with friends. Stuff chunky cable knits and a Harrington jacket into a leather weekender bag, throw it in the boot, kick the engine into the gear and head for the open road. 
Our latest range is inspired by weekends away in the wilderness, where the day begins with the sliding cry of a grebe bird, the clatter of enamel cups and plastic plates, the prickling freshness of the morning air outside your cabin. 
It’s built for mild winter days where you dare to go for a morning dip, buoyed by your friends’ energy. The cold thrum of water in your eardrums and prickle of goosebumps against your skin, caffeine vibrating through your veins and the mineral taste of fresh water in your mouth. A sharp reminder of aliveness.
After all, every hard working man needs a reprieve from their all-consuming lifestyle. A reprieve from working at breakneck speed, from the pressures of productivity and proving yourself and pushing through frosty Winter mornings and dwindling daylight hours. 
That’s why at Rodd & Gunn, the spirit of adventure is stitched into our clothes. We’re for the man who values simple, uncomplicated living. And he’s pulled to nature, to an open landscape, one foot always in the natural world.   
Our Journey to Paradise takes us over the tooth peaks surrounding Lake Wakatipu in a taildragger plane, landing in the remote Glenorchy Airfield, a township home to years of gold and greenstone, timber and tourism, farming and fires. 
Onto the unsealed winding road, the crunch of gravel under the tires of our 1970s Range Rover, the rattle of the rolled down windows, feet on the dash, boots kicked off, feet warmed in woollen socks. 
The dips and curves of the road, flanked by beech forest and rolling hillscapes, meandering sheep and the occasional pothole. Steep rises and startling isolation. Small farming settlements, men with leathery skin tending to their land. Dense greenery giving way to Diamond Lake, a glacial blue, brown trout flitting below the surface. 
A crackling fire as the last of a nectarine sun dips behind the mountains. The candied scent of toasted marshmallows, burnt sugar coating your tongue. Unrushed conversations, a comfortable silence between friends. Slowness and ease. 
Our Journey to Paradise collection is a journey into the heart of the deep South. No matter where your adventure takes you, our Autumn Winter range uses the very best of nature's materials to keep you snug. 
Replete with premium, biodegradable fabrics from renewable resources, we’re bringing you warm cotton corduroys and the very best quality wool, luxurious cashmere and lamb-skin jackets with shearling collars. And as the day winds down, our athleisure range has all the casual staples you need, with fleece sweats featuring our “One Fly” logo, a nod to the fly fishers we’ve clothed over the years. Taking our colour cues from Paradise, New Zealand - the collection includes inky indigo lake blues, mossy forest greens and pebble stone grays. 
We’ve drawn on our relaxed living aesthetic to design pieces that will take you from Autumn to Winter with ease. Soft, comfortable textures. High performance, durable fabrics. And quality craftsmanship, always.




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