Elton John Leaves Australia with Urbbana Fashion
Blogged by: Urbbana 10 Feb 2023
World renound musician Elton John leaves Australia with a piece of Queensland fashion from Urbbana to conclude his Yellow Brick Road tour. "This is well and truly a milestone for our brand. Thankfully we were able to pitch our design to his amazing team and make it happen" says Urbbana National Brand Manager Kaan Tavli.

The brands Designer Sam Abi says "The handmade jacket took over 90 hours of embroidery and crystal beading to truly capture the interest of such an icon. You can imagine how much of an inspiration Elton John has to my creative vision. I really wanted this handmade piece to embody the cultural influencer Elton has had on fashion over the years. When Kaan came to me with this unique opportunity, I knew this piece had to be something special to take a place in his wardrobe". 

This isn't the first time the Queensland based brand worked in the entertainment sector, recently dressing actor P.J Byrne on the Netflix series Irreverent currently airing now.

"Our brand has definitely seen increased interest in this field over the last couple of years. We love working with other creatives and hopefully this is just the beginning of something special" says the National Brand Manager Kaan Tavli.

Over the years, the Queensland brand has attracted other powerhouse shoppers such as Rod Stewart, Tito Jackson and more.





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