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Blogged by: Pacific Fair 23 Aug 2022
Oh Kmart, we’ve come a long way. What was once a department store we popped into for school supplies or birthday presents has become the headquarters of stylish decor, affordable luxury and home hacks. (Sidenote: A quick Instagram search and you’ll find dozens of accounts dedicated to that very thing — with hundreds of thousands of followers, no less.)

Kmart has well and truly given us a chance to flex our interior design skills, try our hand at DIY or create a levelled-up space for a *fraction* of the cost…… giving us more to spend on everything that catches our eye on the way to the checkout. 

So if you’re one of the lucky ones that somehow managed to purchase a home (in this financial climate?!), or your existing space is simply in need of design overhaul, enter: Kmart, where you can fill your trolley with fresh furniture and décor — without filling your credit card. 
To do this, you’ll need to engage your crafty muscles and think a little out-of-the-box. Luckily we’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you, and sourced some on-trend hacks to turn your spaces into sanctuaries and save some cash while you’re at it.

The boucle to beat them all
This year’s biggest interior design trend is easily the fuzzy boucle look. The soft white fabric is currently having its moment, making its rounds on interior design Pinterest and decorating the living rooms of even the most affluent celebrities and influencers. For the boucle look without the hefty price tag, we have just the hack. Rather than dropping your paycheck on a brand new piece of furniture, cover an existing couch, ottoman or chair in a boucle or shearling blanket. You may need to purchase a couple of textured throws, but simply cover the entire couch or ottoman in the fabric and secure it with a staple gun. If DIYing isn’t your thing, another affordable option is Kmart’s Sundae Boucle Chair and Ottoman, but you’ve gotta be quick for these. 

What a pop of colour will do
Give your existing vases and pots (or simple, affordable options found at Kmart or Big W!) a much needed zhuzh with a lick of paint. Add a coat of enamel to your desired surface for a glossy finish, try spray painting for an artistic look, or add a spoonful of baking soda to your paint to create a textured matte look. Get creative with colours, patterns and textures; don’t be shy. Fill your vases with fresh flowers or plants, place them front and centre on your tables or corners, and prepare for compliments.

The minimalist’s dream
A tried and tested hack (perfect for those who don’t have a creative bone in their body) is the DIY trendy textured canvas. For this you’ll need a canvas, or two, at the size of your liking, and some quick drying wall filler. Find these in just about any large department store like Kmart, Big W or Target, or a hardware store. To create your masterpiece, smooth the wall filler into the canvas in a structural pattern – the more organic and random it looks, the better. Let it dry overnight, hang and voila! Who would have known you were such an artisté?

Creative crockery
Transform basic bowls into exciting pieces of art with a little imagination. Although you’re more than welcome to use the crockery you find as intended (for, you know, pasta) they can provide a perfect starting point for some unique décor pieces, when paired with super strong glue and some paint. Think rounded bowls upside down on top of one another to create a cool hourglass shape as a pot plant, or a bookshelf divider… the crockery department really is your oyster.

Tile it up
Turn a basic coffee table, side table or ottoman into a modern work of art with the help of a few square tiles and some grout. White square tiles are all the rage for this trend but it’s up to you the type of tile you choose for your space. Simply cover the piece of furniture in the tiles of your choice, secured with some tile adhesive, fill with floor grout and done! Style it up with books or flowers as a side table or bedside table. And don’t forget to Instagram it. 

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