Introducing Rhône
Blogged by: Georgia Donnelly 02 Feb 2024

Inspired by the lush wine-making region of the Côtes du Rhône in France, comes a sumptuous red-plum, Rhône. So deep, so luxurious, you can practically taste its richness. The ultimate culinary companion, the latest colour from Le Creuset is steeped in nuance and capped with a luxe gold knob. Rhône is a colour cultivated with elegance, ready to complement and enhance the most elevated palette, and will only improve with age.

Our 2024 Colour of the Year brings new depth and complexity to any existing kitchen and table palette. The pairing possibilities with this surprisingly versatile red are endless, from neutrals to more vibrant hues such as the honey-toned Nectar.

Set the table, and raise a glass - Rhône beckons. Discover the latest Le Creuset colour in a selection of Enamelled Cast Iron cookware, oven-to-table Stoneware, and various accessories in our boutiques.

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